Hello World, my name is Josh, I am a Junior, and this is technically my 2nd semester at UMW! I am a Geography major and I also plan on minoring in Digital Studies. For this website, I have choose to name the subdomain “DGST101” because in the 2nd half of this semester, I will be taking Digital Storytelling and I learned through the Professor’s live stream that that course will also be utilizing this domain and I’d like to keep them separate in the future. I Chose to use word press because it has a lot of customizable layouts that are available and it is somewhat user friendly.

This is my Twitter Account, I sometimes post about random things that are on my mind. I mainly use it for memes.


This is My Facebook Account, I use it to give family members life updates and this is where I get my news from.


Lastly, my Linkedln is used to show off my experience and skills to the professional world.

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