During this assignment so far, I have learned all about GIFs. From the history, to the different types, to the different ways to makes them, I have learned plenty about the subject matter. While I was enjoying creating GIFs in Photoshop, a thought occurred to me, I’ve been seeing GIFs on Instagram for a while.

So I went onto instagram and did notice a few of these GIFs, I figured this would make an interesting blog post so I decided to investigate. Upon Investigation, I learned that these GIFs were made by an app called Boomerang, made for Instagram, by Instagram.

How Boomerang works is that a user takes 10 photos, and the app will “stitch them together”. It then takes the images, creates a “video” and then loops it, making it look like a gif. The app also allows the user to make mini videos, which then gets looped.

I think this is a neat feature. I notice A lot of people use this app, particularly when they are posing for photos, or want to make the scene they are in stand out more. What I find really interesting is I never thought of this as a GIF before. I have seen people use it, but I never made the connection to a GIF. It clearly is a GIF because it follows the guidelines and does everyone a GIF does. Maybe we don’t see Instagram as a GIF sharing platform? Maybe it’s just me?

Weather you consider it a GIF or not, I still feel like it matters as it’s a GIF. Personally, Photoshop is more fun so I have no use for this app, but it definitely is a goof GIF making app.