This week, I took apart a Red Cross FR300 Recycled Hand Crank Radio. The purpose of of this assignment was to take the radio apart, examine the components, and see where all the components came from.

The fun part was taking it apart. I took apart the whole system and I noticed how the device is both electrical and mechanical. The hand crank produces electricity which went through wires and communicated with the motherboard, giving the device power. After I understood how the device work I went to examine the components and see where they all came from

Majority of the components were capacitors from various companies in China and Germany. I learned that Germany also has a large electronic market, competing with the Asian Market. It was very interesting to learn about the commodity chain of this product, even though only two countries participated.

The hardest part for me was trying to figure out the dates. Each company has their own unique system of how they code their dates and I had to look up how to read their codes. I Never knew that everything had a date on it and it was interesting to see which company made their parts first.

As a Geography major, I had a blast tracking down these companies and see the globalization behind these products.