This week was my first week of digital studies. Digital Studies is broken up into three subcategories: Digital Creativity, Digital Culture, and Digital Methodologies. This week, I learned all about Digital Creativity.

Digital Creativity is basically designing something on the computer. First thing I learned was a domain. A domain is the location of a website and I got to create my own domain. I learned the importance of choosing a domain and choose one that I thought would fit. After choosing the domain, I learned how to design and build a website. Using the wordpress application, I used digital creativity to create a website that is unique to me to use for blog posts and other assignments for this course. I also learned how to create content for this website.

This week, we also had four options to choose from for a digital creativity module. I have selected GIFs because I’ve always wanted to learn how to make them. I got to learn about the origin of GIFs and see the history and evolution behind the GIF. Afterwords, I started to create GIFs using photoshop, a software I am familiar with. The GIFs were very easy to make and I felt like I could do more, So I did some research. I researched other ways that GIFs can be made and different digital platforms or real life settings where GIFs can appear. I learned that GIFs are present across the whole in settings that aren’t comical, like an ad or an artistic GIF. I also learned that GIFs can be in real life settings, including signs or billboard that move.

Overall I had a very good first week of class. I give myself a grade of an A-. I think this is because I did everything that was asked of me and did it fairly well. My work is by no mean exceptional and that could be something to improve one. I’m looking forward to team work and more challenging projects to work on