Memes are a lot cooler than I thought. I had no idea that memes had an in depth history, and a whole side of academia behind it. I have used memes for long time and still am, but I definitely feel a lot better about memes now since I was able to do tons of research.

What I enjoyed about this assignment was that I was able to incorporate my major. Geography is everywhere and I really enjoyed analyzing different countries and seeing their differences and similarities. Cultural in general is a major topic in Geography and I enjoyed bringing it over to digital studies.

Besides all the education and research I have explained in my video, what I really like to reflect on is the large sense of community I learned while doing the research. Memes spread love, hate, humor, and awareness (maybe even all at once) and when we share or post these memes, we feel like were a part of a community (or meme page). Memes are very powerful and have a major influence on digital culture.

This Video explains in depth on all the work I completed