Dat Boi is a digital frog that rides a unicycle. When he arrives someone says “here come dat boi” which he replies, “o shit waddup”. This meme came out in April of 2016, a big year for memes (most likely due to presidential election and celebrity deaths). Instantly It got big.

Above, is google trend for Dat Boi in the united states. Notice the spike in April of 2016, it only last three months. During my research I noticed that other English speaking countries and European countries follow the same trend.

This is the trend for the country of Turkey. What I find very interesting is that there are three spikes before the meme got big in April 2016. Another thing to notice is this meme did not die in Turkey. It seems at is was very big up until the middle of 2019 when it started to die out

This is Russia, very similar start. But we notice here it has not died yet. It is not trending as high as in 2016, but those lines suggest an increase in searches.

According to this data, countries in the global north meme trends to not match those in the global south. The quick spike and execution seems to be the pattern in the global north. Versus the global south, where these memes tend to survive longer.

As a geography major, this requires much more in depth research. Google trends does not tell enough. I’d have to research the populations, the internet access, and how up to date they are receiving this information. I think memes and trends are a good way to study the digital divide in geography and that would make a good future project.